Fully furnished. Flexible. Ideally connected.

Cubus130 | Micro Apartments in Frankfurt on the Main

Are you new to Frankfurt and looking for a place to live – or in the city for a longer but limited time?
Welcome to Cubus130: Our micro apartments are the perfect compromise between a hotel and an apartment of your own. Your fully furnished micro apartment has between 19 and 47 m² of living space including kitchen and workspace.

The location at Goldsteinstrasse 130 in Frankfurt-Niederrad offers rapid connections to the city and the airport.

Temporary living

The benefits for you at a glance:


22 accessible, wheelchair-friendly micro apartments

Underground car park

Easy access and no searching:
a parking space as an optional extra

Fully furnished

High-quality fit-out in two design variants

Ideally connected

Airport and city accessible by rail or car in just a few minutes

Attractive add-ons

Can be reserved as required or used on site

Rollstuhlgerechtes möbliertes Apartment sucht Mieter auf Zeit
27,33 m² Living space
980,00 € Warm rent
1,0 Rooms

Detail view

Möbliertes Apartment als Projekt- oder Übergangswohnung in Frankfurt Niederrad
19,24 m² Living space
690,00 € Warm rent
1,0 Rooms

Detail view

Möbliertes 1-Zimmer-Apartment sucht Bewohner auf Zeit
28,28 m² Living space
999,00 € Warm rent
1,0 Rooms

Detail view

High-quality: fit-out with plenty of extras

From your own kitchen to a wi-fi workspace

Your Cubus130 | Micro apartments meets all the requirements of a temporary home – thanks to numerous additional options that can be booked if required, you can also arrive at short notice and with minimal luggage. And that whenever you want, because we guarantee access to your apartments through our digital locking system. The micro apartments are available in the Greenwood and Studioline versions.

  • Studioline: Stylish design with clean lines for trend-conscious living.
  • Greenwood: Warm colours for the perfect feel-good atmosphere.

Additional services

As our tenant, you have the option of booking various additional services for a fee. For example, we are happy to rent you an underground parking space. If you are interested, please let us know. Through cooperation partners, we also offer you carsharing cars in the underground car park, a cleaning service, washing facilities in the basement and extra equipment for your apartments.

Das Stadtmobil-Logo ist ein schwarzer Schriftzug mit einem blauen O. Das "o" ist ein blauer Punkt und enthält ein weißes Play-Zeichen.

Our carsharing agency stadtmobil ensures that you are always mobile – and that on favourable terms. Book the car simply and easily via the app and grab a Renault Zoe in the underground car park. You only incur costs during use, exactly 1.55 euros/hour and 0.18 euros/kilometer – including fully comprehensive insurance. More information: Carsharing (german only)

Das Logo von MaidEasy zeigt die Silhouette einer Frau, die einen Besen in der Hand hält. Die Silhouette ist Weiß in einem grünen Kreis mit weißer Außenlinie. Das Logo steht auf türkisem Grund.

The MaidEasy cleaning fairies keep your apartments clean, but also make the beds or take out the rubbish if necessary. When you get home, look forward to a sparkling clean bathroom and a shiny kitchen. The hard-working helpers bring everything they need with them. So you don't have to worry about hoovers, wipers and the like. Here you can find out more details and register right away: Cleaning service

Das WeWash-Logo ist kreisförmig und besteht aus drei Ebenen. Ein Innerer Kreis, der aus Punkten besteht und zwei äußere Kreise, die ebenfalls aus Punkten bestehen. Die äußerste Ebene hat die größten Punkte. Das Logo ist blau auf weißem Grund.

Three washing machines and two dryers from WeWash are available in the basement. It couldn't be better: You can use the app, website or phone to check whether a machine is free and reserve it. If all are occupied, you will be informed as soon as one is free again. By the way, this also happens when your laundry is finished. You don't need coins. You pay cashless and digitally. Click here to register.

Das Logo für Roomhero ist ein stilisierter Superheld, der neben dem Firmenschriftzug platziert ist. Das Logo ist Schwarz auf weißem Grund.

Would you like extra dishes, are you missing one or the other kitchen utensil? Or you don't want to bring your own towels and bed linen with you? Then contact Roomhero and your wishes will be fulfilled. The personal contact person for our tenants is Wiktoria Podsiadly. You can reach her by email at wiktoria[at]​roomhero.de or by phone at 0160 2078501.


Niederrad is located on the south bank of the Main River. The Gutleutviertel lies to the north, with Sachsenhausen to the east and Schwanheim to the south and west. The neighbourhood is bordered by the Frankfurt City Forest to the south and west. It is a largely residential area and benefits from a good infrastructure. Niederrad is connected to the Rhine-Main S-Bahn commuter rail network and the city’s tram and bus network. There are shops in the immediate vicinity.

Good transport connections:

By car:
  • approx. 9 minutes to Frankfurt central station
  • approx. 8 minutes to Frankfurt Airport
  • approx. 15 minutes to Frankfurt city centre
  • Direct connection to the A5 motorway and the B44 main road.
By public transport:
  • approx. 5 minutes to Frankfurt central station
  • approx. 13 minutes to Frankfurt Airport
  • approx. 9 minutes to Frankfurt city centre

Proficient and personal service

If you have any questions or want more information about the Cubus130 | Micro Apartments, just get in touch!

Reserve and move in at any time of day. You can rent your micro apartment easily online. If you have any questions or need assistance, your contact will be happy to help:

Laura Beckmann

+49 69 380 13 54 - 42 15

“I will be happy to assist with your reservation or any questions you may have about our micro apartments. Just give me a call.”

Frequently asked questions about Cubus130 | Micro Apartments

How are the apartments furnished?
  • One wardrobe
  • One bed with mattress (2000x1000cm)
  • One fitted kitchenette with fridge, microwave with grill function, 2 Ceran hobs and a stainless steel built-in sink
  • Two chairs
  • One desk
  • One wardrobe with mirror
  • Renovated bathroom with shower, WC and sink

All apartments are identically furnished. The only difference is that the larger apartments also have a chest of drawers and a separate table.

What do I have to provide myself?

Tenants must provide fixtures such as dishes, cooking pots and all other kitchen utensils, bed linen, bathroom accessories and personal items.

Am I allowed to change/design the apartment?

We have carefully designed and arranged the apartments. You must not remove any furniture or bring any additional furniture with you (exception: balcony furniture). You are not permitted to attach any fixings, i.e. nails, wall plugs, power strips etc., and must not put up any picture frames, posters etc. on the walls or doors.

Are pets allowed?

No. Pets are not permitted in our furnished apartments for reasons of hygiene and to protect those who are allergic.


Can I view a show apartment?

Unfortunately we cannot provide viewings at Cubus130. You can find the various floor plans on our website, where you will soon also be able to view a 360° tour of the individual apartment types.

How can I rent an apartment?

You can view the types of apartment we have available on our website at www.cubus130.de. Select your desired apartment type and send us a binding enquiry. We will check whether your request is available. If we can provide you with an apartment for your required time period, we will send you electronic versions of all documents required.

When is a tenancy agreement concluded?

To conclude a tenancy agreement, we provide you with all documents following the availability check. We send a tenancy confirmation together with all necessary documents. You are entitled to a 14 day cancellation period after receiving the tenancy confirmation. The tenancy agreement is legally effective after the end of this period and you are obliged to make the first rental payment and pay the deposit.

Can I revoke this tenancy?

Yes, you have 14 days after receiving the tenancy confirmation, which you will receive from us by-email, to revoke the tenancy.

What documents do I need to conclude the contract?

Please fill out our binding enquiry form. This asks for all information required to legally conclude a tenancy agreement at Cubus130.

Do I need a bank account?

Yes, payment of the first month’s rent and the deposit before the start of the tenancy is made by bank transfer. Rent is then paid solely by SEPA direct debit. You will receive the form together with the rental contract by e-mail.

Can I be a tenant even if I am a minor?

No, because minors do not have legal capacity.

How many occupants are allowed to live in the apartment?

Our apartments are designed for one occupant only. Accordingly, they are rented only to individuals.

What is the longest amount of time I can rent the apartment for?

Rental agreements are concluded for an indefinite period but we rent our apartments only for temporary occupancy. You must provide a reason for renting showing that you require the apartment only for temporary use.

Who do I report damage/defects to?

Please notify us of the damage by e-mailing cubus130[at]​naheimst.de, ideally with pictures of the damage. We are currently working on a digital solution.

When can I move in?

On the first day of the tenancy.

Can I move in on another day?

You can move later than this but not earlier. If you require the apartment earlier, please take this into account when concluding the tenancy agreement at the respective date.

Can I authorize someone else to attend the apartment handover?

Cubus130 has a digital locking system. There is no apartment handover with an employee of Nassauischen Heimstätte/Wohnstadt. You will receive your digital key before the start of the tenancy and can move into your apartment at any time of day.

How many keys do I get?

You can have up to three key cards made at our self-service terminal.

How do I state my postal address?

Your doorbell and letter box are labelled only with your apartment number.

How and when do I pay the deposit?

With your tenancy confirmation you will receive the bank details to pay the first month’s rent and the deposit, as well as the payment due date. To send you the digital key, we must have a receipt of payment recorded on our rental account or you must send us recent proof of payment.

It is possible to pay the deposit in three instalments. Please let us know if you are interested in this option.

Can I pay my deposit as a rent deposit guarantee or deposit insurance?

No, you must pay the deposit by bank transfer before the start of the tenancy.

How and when do I pay rent?

Rent is always taken from your current account by SEPA direct debit on the first of every month.

What forms of payment can I choose?

We use SEPA direct debits exclusively.

How do I pay for the services I have booked?

You pay the provider directly for any extra paid services.

What is covered by my all-inclusive rent?

Our rents are all-inclusive, i.e. rent already includes all utility costs, internet and electricity. You will not be charged for utility or heating costs.

Is there a TV connection?

No, the apartment does not have a TV connection or a TV. If you would like to watch TV, please stream the program online and bring a streaming-enabled TV device.

What paid services are available?
  • Please note that you pay the corresponding service provider directly for any chosen services. Payment is not made through us.
  • 4 car sharing parking spaces - Stadtmobil
  • Cleaning service –  www.maid-easy.de you can book cleaners here http://cubus130.maideasy.de/
  • Digital laundry room in the basement – we wash / https://we-wash.com (there are currently 3 washing machines and 2 tumble dryers available.)
  • Our service provider Roomhero can provide you with information about offers for fixtures (dishes, cooking pots, bed linen, hand towels etc.) that you do not want to bring with you:
    Point of contact:
    Wiktoria Podsiadly
    +49 160 2078 501


How do I reserve a parking space?

You can select and rent a parking space in the underground car park on our website. Please note that there is a height limit of 1.80 metres. Please bear this in mind when renting a parking space in the underground car park and when selecting your vehicle.

Can I rent a parking space without renting an apartment?

You are more than welcome to rent a parking space in our underground car park. You will be given a transponder to access our underground car park. Please note that you must pay VAT on parking space rental if you have not rented an apartment at Cubus130.

What is the cost of a parking space?

A parking space costs 110 euros per month.

When do I have to give notive?
  1. Notice must be given no later than on the third working day of a calendar month for the end of the following month. You are welcome to hand in your notice earlier if you know when you will be leaving.
  2. You must send us your notice of termination by post and bearing your signature. Unfortunately, we cannot accept electronic notices of termination.
When do I have to move out?

The tenancy agreement ends at the end of the day of the confirmed notice period. Your digital key and key cards will no longer be valid from the end of this day.

In what condition must my apartment be in when I hand it back?

The apartment must be handed back cleaned and in the condition agreed in the contract. More information can be found in your tenancy agreement.

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass die Anmietung eines Apartments unter 6 Monaten umsatzsteuerpflichtig ist. In diesem Fall versteht sich die Warmmiete zuzüglich 7% Umsatzsteuer. Haben Sie bei Vertragsabschluss die Beabsichtigung länger als 6 Monate anzumieten, so ist die Anmietung umsatzsteuerfrei.

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